At the end of the 19thcentury, three enamel factories were founded in České Budějovice. The Westen & Hasenclever Company was formed in Vráto in 1893 and produced enamelled cookware and metal goods. This factory was purchased in 1905 by the M. Ullmann and Son Company, which continued in the production of enamelled cookware. Other family members and partners began cooperating with the company over time. Following the nationalization of the company in 1948, the factory was integrated under the general directorship of United Enamel Factories and Metal Goods Plants Prague. In 1951, these three enamel factories became the independent national enterprise Sfinx. The present BELIS Company was the export department of the Sfinx České Budějovice plant.

From 1975 to 1985, following a fire and long reconstruction, the enterprise became the site of a modern factory with manufacturing technology on a world-wide level. Goods produced here were delivered under varying brand names such as SFINX, MERKURIA, BELIS, and more. The company has now chosen to continue with the name BELIS, being one of the most widely-known trademarks for Czech enamelled cookware.

Recent time and recent history

Nowadays, the BELIS Company draws from many years of experience and production methods tested by its predecessors, constantly in efforts to increase the levels of production quality. At present, BELIS is the largest producer of enamelled cookware in the Czech Republic and presents a strong level of competition to foreign manufacturers of kitchen cookware. BELIS focuses primarily on high-quality cookware with high practical characteristics allowing for the preparation of the healthiest food possible.

Year 2013 was for BELIS very important. BELIS implemented the biggest investition within last 20 years in the enamel department. This step very dramaticly increased BELIS's share on the market of the enamel cookware. BELIS has revived the world famous trade mark SFINX and has started with production of Gastro cookware, new roasters and the BSE cookware line.